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Name Change Applications

People want to change their name for a variety of reasons — sometimes simply because through time they have become known by a name, not on a birth certificate, or they no longer want to be known by a name that appears on legal documentation.

That said, the process in New Jersey can be complex and arduous. If there is one part of an application that is not compliant, the court may deny it.

Ordinarily, a name change is to be filed in the county’s superior court. After this, an order for a hearing date is to be filed at which a judge will sign documentation regarding the date of a hearing. Government agencies are provided an opportunity to offer an objection they can file in court after which the hearing is held. Assuming the name change meets with the judge’s approval, the name change goes into effect and the order is published and filed with the Secretary of State.

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At each step of the process, there are unique issues to be followed and addressed. As such, partnering with a skilled attorney is crucial.

The Law Office of Jordan B. Rickards has close to a decade working on these and similar issues in and around Milltown. We encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible to understand your options and rights. We usually charge a fee of $1500 for such a procedure, though this can change depending on the special circumstances of the case (some counties require a formal hearing, which may require additional fees, while others do not).  We also require that the client pay the expenses associated with the application.  Expenses typically include $250 for the court filing fee, $150 for three certified copies of the name change order (two of which are submitted to the state), and roughly $100 or so to publish the appropriate notices in the paper.

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